Dariusz Jasiczak

There are two, closely connected values in my life - the first one is my
family, the second one is art. Successes of my family give me the same
happiness like a new picture or drawing. On the other hand art brings a glee
to our house.

Speaking about art, I think about many various masterpieces. They are an
important source of my inspiration. So, beside Hieronim Bosch's pictures,
there is Bruno Schulz' literature and film - for example "The city of lost children", or Wagner's music.

Imagination was a beginning of my creation and it's the same to this time.
I'm a type of a solitary, contemplating a dark flash of varnish or a drunken
brawl, painted by unknown Dutch master. I love strange places, born by a
power of imagination - for example "Babilon Library", from Jorge Luis
Borges' book or "Prisons" created by Piranesi.

If I could choose a place for life and creation in a real world, I would
stand in Holland, in Vermer's town.