Born in Japan, Hikaru (Hirata-Miyakawa) is a man of many talents. He is an award winning artist, musician, dancer, writer, and a Waldorf (Steiner School)
teacher. He lives and works in Boulder, Colorado but have shown his artworks in Japan, U.S.A., Europe (Germany, Italy, Greece, England,etc.), and Australia. He is currently represented both as an artist and a performer by Chiaroscuro Art in Malta. As a musician, he is an opera singer (tenor/ sings in
9 different laguages)) and have given many solo recitals ,and performed as a soloist for the chamber orchestras, pianist, composer, guitarist, arranger, etc. As a dancer, he dances Modern, Flamenco, and the Contact Impovisation. Most recently he has co-choreographed and also appeared as the guest
performer and a teacher at Denver University. As a Waldorf teacher, he has taught the Studio Arts, art history, Music history, etc. at Shining Mountain
Waldorf High School between 1995-1999 and many other Waldorf schools. He is also listed in the 5th Edition of the"Who's Who among America's Teachers", nominated by the students. He also has painted the copy + of the "Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci on the wall of the classroom as the gift to the school spending 2,000 hours on it! As an actor he was biefly coached by the
Academy Award winner, Red Buttons. Hikaru is currently writing a book on Leonardo da Vinci , whom he has followed for 32 years since he was
His earliest artistic training was through his own mother when Hikaru was only 4 years old. he was introduced to drawing, singing, and writing, but the
encounter with Leonardo da Vinci's work and the life when Hikaru was eleven years old chaged his life. "A Painter is not praise-worthy if he is not an universal man" became his motto. Although he has been inspired by many artists from the past, he considers Leonardo as his true master.
He will be performing in Boulder through the International Fringe Festival, both as a dancer and singer this August. In 2006, above all projects that he is working on, Hikaru will be participating as an artist and a muti-madia performer in Malta.

Hikaru describes his art as visionary, fantastic, and surrealistic. His work heavily integrates themes of mythology, explaining archetypes in Jungian terms. "Archetypes are timeless and boundary-less, and you can share that with people of different backgrounds. With my art I want to show something beyond physical existence - (to show) spirit, light and energy."
Hikaru shares his knowledge and love of art by teaching. One of his former students, Amanda Sage, has assisted Ernst Fuchs, the founder of the Viennese Fantastic Realism movement.
His art has been shown in Germany, England, Japan, and the United States.