Christina Hawkes

Christina was born in Ipswich, Australia into a creative family. Her mother instilled the love of drawing from an early age.
After completing one year of a BA in Animation, she deferred to concentrate on highly detailed, Surrealistic work. 
‘Groovy Gravy’, an independent comic, fostered her first attempt at drawing comics. The exposure led to exhibitions and commissioned work in portraits, tattoo design and illustration. 
Moved to London in 1999. Commissions, freelance and volunteer work include theatre set painting and construction, storyboards, comic panels, logos, caricatures, album covers and portraits. Her exhibition in Covent Garden led to painting in the Lyceum Theatre’s Puppetry Department for ‘The Lion King’, and to the commission, ‘Celtic Deities’.
Apart from obsessive painting, Christina is also a drummer and singer.