Igor Grechanyk

Igor Grechanyk was born (1960) and raised in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. He graduated in 1978 from the Republican Art School in Kiev and in 1984 from the State Art Institute in Kiev (now National Academy of Art), Sculpture Faculty. In 1985 he became a member of the National Artists Union of Ukraine. He participates actively in national and international exhibitions. Since 1997 he is a leader of the group "The Golden Gate", united artists who has similar vision of their tasks in art and close to modern surrealism and fantastic realism style. Igor also works on large monuments. He currently resides and works in Kiev, Ukraine.
Myth, Unknown, existing after the verge of ordinary existence ñ is the basic impulse of Igor Grechanykís creative works. It makes his images full of signs and Mystery, mystic. Mysterious combinations of textures, gesture, character of silhouette enter the spectator in the sphere of Supernatural. Igor Grechanykís sculptures are filled with powerful internal energy of tense life of image realizing itself as a part of mysterious and magic Universe. Mastery of artist allows him to represent both force and energy, as well as grace and charm with the same lightness. The world of Igor Grechanyk is filled with the manifestations of mysterious ñ penetration in the world of Myth allows to embody Unknown in the material plastic image, inspired with the spirit of Supernatural.

"The life of artist is going in permanent creative search. Something surreal sends its signals and an artist as receiver transforms and retranslates them further. When you create a sculpture first an image should come. It comes from outside, from cosmos, if you like. The light non-material body is created on another level. And an artist perceives it as a diode receiver. First the image is not concrete, indistinct, but gradually it becomes visible, its outline appears. Then it intensifies and you realize it in this world. The process of this transition can take years. And it is very important not to be in a hurry, not to try to speed up the process, not to attract spirit and form by force. Everything must go naturally. And in the tensest moment you must let sculpture restî ñthe artist says. According to him ìthe mission of an artist is in liberation of spiritual energy of a man. Manís potential opens as a result of communication with art, with artist. Being plunged in the world of art, looker-on receives an opportunity to get in touch with the source of creativeness itself, enriching him by new spiritual experience. What an artist can give to this world ñ is to disclose its diversity, multiformity, to show that the world is much greater than our notion about it. Contact with new unknown side of existence gives rise to a new serial of images".

Some Recent Exhibitions


Great Britain
Manchester ñ Manchester Art Show

Kiev Exhibition
"The Charm of Femininity"
together with
Victor Sydorenko

Ukrainian House
(Central Exhibition Hall)
"On the Road of Myths"
presented by Creative Association
"The Golden Gate"

Paris Exhibition
"Contemporary Masters of Imaginary"
Galerie Michelle Boulet
14, Rue La Boetie, Paris

Modern Figurative Art Show

Exhibition of Art of Imagination
Galerie Paradijs