Daniel Friedemann

On the 12. dec.1950 Daniel Friedemann-Fuchs was born in Vienna as the second son of Prof. Ernst Fuchs, a painter and sculptor, and Gertrude Fuchs, born Baschnegger, then a student of piano and always a poet.
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A critic remarks on Daniel's work:
"...Daniel Friedemann still experiences, despite some "ironic-satyrical refraction", within himself the genuine meditative antipodes, which lead from artificial ecstasy to calmness of mind, to concentration. Thereby he overcomes the fatal confusion of magic and mysticism in Art Nouveau. An impressive example of this gives the oil-painting "Under the roof of pinetrees..."

"...Romanticism still a la Caspar David Friedrich, still also the sentimentalic effect-colouring of "Liberty". But also already the colder tones of reflection, the farewell to not only personal youth. What remains is the vision of transcendent idyllic, the harmony of spirit and nature the human being, earth and heaven. If only there in the eyes of a woman ,moulded by happiness and grief, in a landscape where blossoming and ravage seem to struggle with one another. The artist still finds himself in-between a nature-environment and abstruse visions, in a still sceptical confidence However the constructive components in the ego are stronger then the appearing images of a demonical environment. The strength of the self-confident ego grows, despite its being put into a maniristic scenery of the kind that our Viennese and Parisian grandpas loved so much ..."
Gustav Renee Hocke