AOI Donations

The Society for Art of Imagination has been working since 1961 to help increase the quality of available information and discourse about art of the imagination. In that time we have become a thriving and active organization, with 250 members, a magazine, and an annual exhibition in London. We believe that the existence of the Society and this site is important and we continue to enjoy working on it. It is a big project, and in order to continue with our vision, we need the support of our visitors.

Donations and membership dues are used to organize the exhibitions, pay for the space, the announcements, the advertising, to publish the Inscape Magazine, and to give workshops at a reasonable rate. If you believe that information about artists working in this genre needs to be freely available or if you support the work we do in any way, please consider a small financial contribution.

With a donation of $100, you will recieve a signed copy of Brigid Marlin's Book.

With a donation of $500 you will recieve a book and a fine art print from Brigid.

The Society for Art of Imagination is a registered US charity.
Donations from US citizens are tax deductable.

The Society for Art of Imagination
P.O.Box 11911
London NW8 0WL

Our Goal:

We are trying to reach $1,500/mo in guaranteed donations by those pledging on a monthly basis. If you are financially capable and have the ability to help, please consider pledging $10, $25, $50 or $100 a month.

Or Become a member and help keep the Society online.

Thank You