De Es Schwertberger

DE ES SCHWERTBERGER was born in Gresten, Austria in 1942. He graduated from Technical Engineering School and began his first paintings at that time. Shortly thereafter, he proceeded to study with artist Ernst Fuchs, of the renowned "Viennese School of Fantastic Realism.

"De Es has had numerous exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States. The works featured in most of the prints and posters on his site and in his book HEAVY LIGHT represent De Es' popular "Stone Period," which he developed and focused on in the mid-seventies. De Es' works from this period have been featured in a variety of magazines. Americans may be most familiar with his art through its many publications in Omni. In addition to his work as a painter, De Es is an accomplished sculptor. The city of Bern, Switzerland exhibited forty large De Es sculptures in an outdoor showing in 1991, in commemoration of the city's eight-hundredth anniversary.