Susan St.Claire Bennett

"Everyone should turn towards the Mystery of their own nature the way a sunflower turns toward the sun. This is what living has revealed to me and what I seek to embody in the images that find their way out of me and onto the canvas.

I am deeply fascinated by the many shapes and forms that spirit takes in the mundane world. I peer between the seams of things and look for their origin.What is born on canvas is as much a surprise to me as to the incidental viewer. Like a pomegrant, the paintings have as many meanings as the seeds found within...each one enchanted. In this way one can travel above, below and within."

Susan Bennett studied old master techniques at the Boston museum School working with egg tempera and oil glazes. She later studied tibetan art restoration in Paris for several years and continues to repair tangka's (sacred scroll paintings)that date back to the 14th c. She has studied kashmir shaivism and vajrayana buddhist meditation practices for many years and has traveled to Tibet,India ,Nepal and Japan exploring the art and spiritual traditions of each culture. She currently resides on the Columbia River gorge in Oregon where she is learning the uses of the local herbs, enjoying the company of her 3 American indian dogs as well as sasquatch.